Promotion of Higher Efficiency Air Conditioners in ASEAN: A Regional Policy Roadmap

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Space cooling appliances represent a large proportion (up to 50%) of electricity demand in the residential and commercial sectors in ASEAN economies. The market for room air conditioners (AC) in ASEAN economies is expected to grow by at least 10% annually over the next five years, and this AC growth will drive electricity demand, particularly during peak hours of the day. In recognition of this challenge, ICA, UNEP and its partners, launched the ASEAN Standardization Harmonization Initiative for Energy Efficiency (ASEAN SHINE), a regional program to increase the market share of higher efficient air conditioners in ASEAN through harmonization of test methods and energy efficiency (EE) standards, adoption of common minimum energy performance standards (MEPS), and changing consumer purchasing attitudes in favor of energy efficient air-conditioners. 

The objective of this project is to support the development of a regional policy roadmap that will facilitate harmonization of test methods and MEPS for ACs in ASEAN. 

UNEP, with the technical assistance from CLASP has conducted an assessment
of the market for ACs, and efficiency policies and regulatory frameworks for this product in ASEAN member countries. 

The following four primary activities were undertaken as part of this assignment: 1) development of a framework for local baseline assessments of air conditioner
markets in the ten ASEAN member states, 2) provide a methodology for data collection, 3) data analysis and evaluation of various policy scenarios at the national level, and 4) development of a regional policy roadmap.

This report presents the AC market data analysis and evaluation of various policy scenarios, as well as a regional policy road map for AC policy harmonization. The data analysis and proposed policy roadmap built upon the data collection framework
that was developed for each ASEAN economy. Comprehensive questionnaires
covering both AC markets and policies were developed. UNEP led the actual data collection process in five ASEAN economies, including Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, where they have established country chapters to support the ASEAN AC harmonization effort. 

This report has been produced as part of the ASEAN-SHINE program. ASEAN-SHINE is an initiative implemented by the International Copper Association, in partnership with UNEP, SIRIM, RCEE, EEI and IIEE.


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