North American Energy Efficiency Standards and Labeling

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The North American Energy Working Group (NAEWG) was established in the Spring of 2001 by the Canadian Minister of Natural Resources, the Mexican Secretary of Energy, and the U.S. Secretary of Energy, to enhance North American energy cooperation. The Group is led by officials from Natural Resources Canada, the Mexican Secretariat of Energy, and the U.S. Department of Energy. Within the NAEWG, the Energy Efficiency Experts Group focuses onways to bring about closer cooperation and harmonized action in the three countries’ energy efficiency programs (particularly the standards and labeling programs) — to ensure the effectiveness of those programs in the North American economy without potentially adding costs.

This document, is a publication of the NAEWG, and reflects a joint perspective of the national energy departments of Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Information on each country contained in this document has been provided through the relevant country’s national energy department, which retains sole responsibility for the information on its country.

Information from: North American Energy Working Group (NAEWG)


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