International Comparison of Energy Efficiency Awards for Appliance Manufacturers and Retailers

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The International Comparison of Energy Efficiency Awards for Appliance Manufacturers and Retailers study endeavors to: 

  1. Provide a summary of national manufacturer and retailer awards (or similar) programs currently underway in the U.S., Japan, China, the EU, and Australia;
  2. Compare methodological approaches for awards programs in the U.S., Japan, and China; and,
  3. Offer recommendations to the Chinese government with regard to the possible expansion of its manufacturer awards program to also include retailers, based on best practices seen in Japan and the U.S.

Energy efficiency awards programs, as discussed in this study, promote market transformation towards energy efficient products by publicly recognizing manufacturers who produce energy efficient appliances above standard requirements and market those appliances to consumers through effective advertising, product offering, and sales pitch. These programs may play a key role in climate change mitigation.
Recognizing the importance of retailers in promoting energy efficient appliances, the Chinese government is considering expanding its awards and recognition program for outstanding manufacturers – the National Lead List of Excellent Enterprises and Energy-saving Products, or the “Lead List” – to also include retailers. 
The authors of this study offer the following recommendations to in support of the formation of a retailer awards program in China:

  1. Promote label integrity.
  2. Give retailers tools to assist in their marketing and education.
  3. Focus on the evaluation of sales effort instead of, or in addition to, sales.
  4. Differentiate categories of retailers by size.
  5. Allow award-winning retailers to receive special recognition.

Using the above recommendations, the Chinese government could establish its own appliance retailer awards program to augment the active promotion of energy efficient products.


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