Global LEAP Awards Outstanding Off-Grid Appliances 2014 Buyer’s Guide

The Global LEAP Awards Outstanding Off-Grid Appliances Buyer’s Guide provides high-level information about the Awards Winners and Finalists—and its purpose is to help SHS companies and mini-grid developers make smarter, faster off-grid appliance procurement decisions.

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The Global LEAP Awards 2014 Outstanding Off-Grid Appliances competition is a Clean Energy Ministerial initiative to identify and promote the world’s best, most energy-efficient off-grid compatible televisions and LED room lighting appliances. All Global LEAP Awards Finalists were tested using internationally accepted laboratory test methodologies and were assessed by a panel of off-grid market experts. Winners were announced at the 5th Clean Energy Ministerial in Seoul, Korea, on 12 May 2014.

The products featured in The Global LEAP Awards Outstanding Off-Grid Appliances Buyer’s Guide are among the best off-grid LED room lighting appliances and TVs in the world. Each Global LEAP Awards Winner and Finalist has had its quality, durability, and energy performance verified according to internationally accepted test methodologies—and each has been evaluated by a panel of off-grid market and technology experts on the basis of its test results, price, and off-grid appropriate design and functionality. As a result, the products featured here all positively contribute to the clean energy access marketplace: they each offer a strong balance of price, super-efficiency,
performance, and reliability.

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