Energy Labeling – How to use it for your benefit?

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Energy Labeling: How to use it for your benefit?, Training Program for Domestic Appliances Manufacturers, Dealers and Retailers. Published in May 2006. Prepared as a part of the Central and Eastern European Countries Appliance Policy (CEECAP) “ Implementing EU Appliance Policy in Central and Eastern Europe” project. The CEECAP project is coordinated by SEVEn, The Energy Efficiency Center, Czech Republic, co-funded by the European Commission.
This brochure, written as a part of the CEECAP project, aims to present the EU energy labeling scheme for domestic appliances and to show it as a beneficial tool for manufacturers and retailers. This paper is designed to give information and support to manufacturers, dealers and retailers who will find an explanation on what their interests should be and what benefits there are in one of their customers using the Energy Label. The brochure will give information on the main topics related to Energy Labeling:

  • Political and strategic aspects of EU energy policy,
  • Directives and legal obligation framework,
  • Why and how to do it?
  • Consumers perception and behaviour,
  • Practical information, for campaign designers, on how to promote energy efficient appliances.


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