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How National Appliance and Equipment Energy Conservation Standards Can Improve Public Health in the US

Improving Public Health & Advancing Equity Goals with Appliance Energy Efficiency Standards

Energy Efficiency in the Favelas

Water and Energy Justice in the Favelas

U.S. Consumer Attitudes Towards Appliance Efficiency Standards and Purchasing Behaviors by Income, Race, and Homeownership

Combating High Fuel Prices with Hybrid Heating: The Case for Swapping Air Conditioners for Heat Pumps

Replacing Residential Heating Oil with Heat Pumps in the US

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Farewell to Fluorescent Lighting: How a Phaseout Can Cut Mercury Pollution, Protect the Climate, and Save Money

Mercury in Fluorescent Lighting: Unnecessary Health Risks & Actionable Solutions

Pennies per Pound: The Return on Investment from Appliance Efficiency Technical Assistance

3H Hybrid Heat Homes: An Incentive Program to Electrify Space Heating and Reduce Energy Bills in American Homes

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Revising the Brazilian Labeling Program for Refrigerators: Lessons from the European Union and Thailand

In-depth Assessment of Water Efficiency Opportunities in Brazil

Assessment of Brazil’s Labeling Program for Air Conditioners

Technical and Economic Feasibility Study for a High Efficiency Compressor Market in Brazil