Off-Grid Fans Deliver a Range of Socio-Economic and Health Benefits for Households and Businesses in Bangladesh

Asif Hassan

Bangladesh is an ideal market for super-efficient off-grid fans. Average temperatures have risen considerably over the last 60 years in Bangladesh and are expected to continue increasing with climate change. While many households in Bangladesh have turned to fans as an affordable cooling solution, evidence shows that the market penetration of fans in rural areas is low and consistent with broader divides in energy access. Super-efficient off-grid fans capable of use with off-grid solar home systems offer under- and un-electrified households a viable cooling solution capable of delivering a number of socio-economic, health, and environmental benefits for rural communities.

Despite their potential to deliver tangible benefits for households, reliable data on the impacts of super-efficient off-grid fans is generally sparse. To address these gaps in knowledge, CLASP conducted over 1,600 telephone surveys with off-grid fan customers. Results shed light on the real impact and socio-economic value of super-efficient off-grid fans and underscore their role in expanding access to modern energy services:

  • 94% of customers surveyed stated that their fan allowed them to extend their productive time by an average of 2 hours and 20 minutes each day, allowing more opportunities for income generation and other productive activities.
  • 92% of customers surveyed noticed an improvement in the health of their family members when using their fan. Respondents reported reductions in dehydration and perspiration, both important factors in reducing the risk of serious health conditions.
  • 90% of customers surveyed powered their fan with a new or pre-existing solar home system kit. By using a super-efficient off-grid fan, customers were able to power a range of appliances with their solar home system, increasing the overall value of their system.
  • 91% of customers surveyed stated they were satisfied with their purchase and 89% stated they would recommend a fan to others, indicating a strong market potential for super-efficient off-grid fans in Bangladesh.

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