Letter from CLASP CEO

Dear Partners,

With an ever-narrowing window of opportunity to avert climate catastrophe, CLASP has reflected on where the appliances sector must dial in ambition for maximal benefit to people and the planet.

In that context, we are pleased to introduce our landmark publication Net Zero Heroes: Scaling Efficient Appliances for Climate Change Mitigation, Adaptation & Resilience.

The paper underscores the immense potential of efficient appliances and equipment to slash carbon emissions and catalyze sustainable development. Efficient appliances are powerful, proven mitigation solutions. Appliances also play pivotal roles in people’s lives, enhancing productivity, well-being, and comfort – even more so as the climate crisis impacts each and every one of us.

Despite this potential, underinvestment in demand-side efforts puts us at a crossroads. CLASP’s report shows that the appliances sector is not on track to meet net zero emissions goals on the timeline established by the Paris Agreement, and that there are profound inequities in access to appliances, leaving billions of people vulnerable.

Inaction is no longer an option – and we don’t have time to waste on dangerous distractions.

CLASP calls on leaders and partners alike to unite in purpose, prioritizing fast progress on the Net Zero Heroes – the 10 appliances core to achieving net zero and strengthening adaptation and resilience capacity.

For these 10 appliances, CLASP’s paper identifies ambitious, near-term efficiency targets necessary to deliver on 2050 net-zero pledges. The appliances sector must reach far beyond current global best practices to protect our collective future. As a lifelong appliance efficiency champion, it’s daunting for me to realize how much we must accomplish as a sector, and how quickly.

CLASP’s message is clear: Be a hero. Join us in supercharging efforts to enhance appliance energy efficiency.


Christine Egan

CLASP Chief Executive Officer


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Letter from CLASP CEO

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