Market Transformation Pilots

The Clean Lighting Coalition (CLiC) aims to transition global markets to safe, cost-effective, and energy-saving LED lighting by supporting the removal of fluorescent lamp exemptions under the Minamata Convention on Mercury.

CLiC partnered with organizations in Brazil, Nigeria, and the Philippines to retrofit hospitals with energy-efficient, mercury-free LEDs. Retrofitting is the process of removing fluorescent light bulbs and installing new, higher-efficiency LEDs into the same wiring and fixtures. The pilots aimed to  demonstrate that institutional buildings can easily and cost-effectively transition to cleaner lighting.

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The pilots demonstrated practical steps hospitals—and other institutional buildings—can take to switch to LED lighting with minimal effort and significant economic and safety benefits.

Our partners provided data on the actual cost of purchasing and installing the lamps in three locations. They also estimated the “pay-back” period, or the time it will take to recover the initial cost of LED purchase through long-term electricity savings.

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Market Transformation Pilots

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