Vendor Packet – Onboarding Resources

This page outlines the necessary steps for onboarding new CLASP Vendors and Consultants.

Important Contacts

Procurement Process Questions: Andrea Testa, Legal and Contracts Manager at or Invoicing Questions: CLASP Accounts Payable distribution list at

Submit Invoices to: CLASP email integrated with at


1. Complete online form to register as a CLASP Consulting Partner

CLASP Consulting Partner form: Quick form that allows us to keep current and former Consulting Partners up to date with new opportunities to partner with CLASP.


2. Complete online Vendor Data Form

Vendor Data Form: This information allows our Accounts Payable (AP) team to set you up in, which CLASP will use to remit payment for invoices.

Please note that you will provide banking info in this form in addition to, which facilitates CLASP AP’s ability to troubleshoot if any issues arise to ensure payment is remitted as soon as possible.


3. Review guidance for finalizing profile

After our AP team receives your Vendor Data Form, they will send you an invitation to (or we can link an existing Payment Network ID).

Please use the Finalizing Profile Guidance to securely enter banking info directly in CLASP will be unable to view your banking details and will remit payment via


4. Review CLASP’s Invoicing Guidelines

Please review CLASP’s Invoicing Guidelines. You may use your own invoice if all required information from the Invoicing Guidelines is listed or use our Invoice Template.


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