Consumer Comprehension of the Mexican Energy Efficiency Label


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CLASP, in conjunction with the National Energy Savings Commission of Mexico (CONAE), collaborated on a qualitative research activity to evaluate Mexico’s current information label through the use of focus group input. The goal was to test Mexican consumers’ comprehension and to suggest improvements to future labels.

Grupo Delta, a Mexican market research company, carried out a comprehensive evaluation of five different label versions. The five label options evaluated included the 2002 label as well as the 2003 version, both used on four different appliances when the study was carried out.

Six focus group meetings were held in three cities in Mexico at the end of October 2002 (Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey). Findings showed that both the 2002 version of the label and the revised 2003 comparison label ranked high in credibility, but did not rank as high on ease of comprehension as other versions of the label.

In January 2003, CONAE presented the results of the study of the Mexican mandatory comparison label to manufacturing industry members. Manufacturers were interested, and informed that additional studies would be required to further evaluate the comprehension of the mandatory information labels.

CLASP supervised this US Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded study from October to December, 2002.

Information from: Grupo Delta – Delta Research


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